GopherCon and NASSCOM Startup Warehouse

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[This week: Go programming language conference looking for women speakers, Blackbuck will be at NASSCOM Startup Warehouse.]

Women engineers and the Go programming language

GopherConIndia 2015, the first ever conference in India around the Go programming language is looking for speakers, especially women engineers, developers, designers or managers who have may something to share around Go at work or play. Please see the RFP at the GopherConIndia site and Satish Talim’s post on LinkedIn.

At Blackbuck, we are loving Go thus far. We are programming the server components for our early product prototypes with Go, and like it for its easy-on-the-eyes syntax and simple-yet-powerful HTTP libraries. If you would like to give it a spin, head to the sandbox at

Blackbuck will be at the NASSCOM Startup Warehouse

In other news this week, we got selected for the NASSCOM Startup Warehouse in Bangalore! We will be working out of their Diamond District space for the next many months, and looking forward to great interactions there.

Thanks to Ravi Gururaj, Naga, Ashok for the lively discussion and probing questions during our pitch yesterday. Tip of the hat to NASSCOM, Government of Karnataka, and sponsors of the 10,000 Startups initiative for this great co-working space!

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