The Fastah Project

Mapping the world's mobile internet

The Fastah Project measures and visualizes the speed of mobile internet around the world, in real-time.

Around the world, citizens are constantly clamouring for faster and cheaper 4G networks and more WiFi in public places. The explosion in demand from citizens and businesses alike is placing huge demands on spectrum, cellular towers, fiber networks and mobile app experiences.

The Fastah Project continuously measures the speeds and quality-of-service of a city’s mobile internet infrastructure using ordinary smartphones as measurement sensors. Measurements are geo-coded which means a real-time map is constantly available for assessing quality-of-service in any given locality.

As an extension of the abovementioned “data platform”, we are building APIs for app developers so that they may build more network-aware experiences for their end users. We hope that with such APIs, well-designed apps will be cheaper to use on mobile data and work reliable even on congested WiFi or peak rush hours.

We need more data to make the Fastah Project happen! We need more locations covered around the world to build better mobile internet models of each city and locality.

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