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Internet latency map for Singapore - 4G LTE on M1

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The map above shows latencies on the Singapore mobile internet - M1 being the 4G LTE network carrier. We crowdsourced network performance data from hundreds of thousands of smartphones over more than a year to come up with this visualization.

Green colored regions have high quality internet, and yellow and red indicate high latencies which maps to a poor quality consumer experience. The Fastah Experience Index values are derived a combination of median ping times and packet loss percentages observed in that area ; lower is better.

Network latencies are a good indicator of how snappy or “fast” your mobile internet experience is. Low latencies allow not just your app to work faster, but enable mobility businesses such as Grab and GoJek to serve you better. Oh, and your Augmented Reality headset? Yes, that depends on a low latency internet too!

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